Intel® Software Development Tools 2015 Pre-Beta Survey
We are constantly striving to provide you with the most effective development tools for your business. To help us shape our tools to your needs, please take a minute to answer the following short survey.

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1. Please provide your contact information:+

2. Have you used any of Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® C++ Studio XE, Intel® Fortran Studio XE, or Intel® Cluster Studio XE products before being invited to this beta program?+

3. Which of the component tools that are part of Intel® Software Tools 2015 Beta do you plan to test?+

4. Which programming languages are used in the application(s) you intend to use in this beta?:
(Note: each component tool in Intel® Software Tools 2015 Beta has its own set of supported languages. Please see the appropriate product documentation for supported languages).+

5. Which of the following best describe the applications you intend to test?+

6. Which architecture best describes your runtime environment?+